Making Florida the Most Sustainable State in America

Florida Chamber Sustainability Council leaders know our workforce is our greatest asset. We connect to share our information, knowledge, and challenges and to highlight our successes. We are an incubator of sustainability best practices, research, and training, moving the needle on workplace excellence. Our focus on best practices makes us the go-to resource for businesses ready to make Florida the national model for workplace sustainability.

Promoting Sustainability

Protecting Florida’s natural resources is a priority of Florida’s business community, creating a long-term balance where businesses and communities can flourish.

Advocating Research

Addressing important sustainability issues and sharing data leads to prevention strategies and initiatives that helps to secure Florida’s future for generations.

Leading Outcomes

Providing direction for business sustainability strategies, employee-based awareness, and behavioral change helps to drive day-to-day culture.

Sustainability matters to Florida's businesses now to secure Florida’s future

At the Florida Chamber Sustainability Council, we understand Florida’s business success depends on sustainable growth and profitability. We tackle a very real and sometimes controversial topic: resiliency and responsible environmental stewardship of Florida’s air quality, coastlines, lands, and water supply. We help identify the complexities of creating a sustainable workplace culture modeled on replicable promising practices that help ensure cleaner land, air, and water for future generations.

As one of three key pillars of the Florida Chamber Leadership Cabinet on Safety, Health and Sustainability, our Sustainability Council members connect to share information, knowledge, and challenges and highlight our successes. We are part of an incubator of research and education for Florida business leaders ready to move the needle on best practices in safety, health, and sustainability. Workplace excellence in sustainable production and performance positively impacts workplace safety and employee wellness.

Let’s create a more sustainable future for Florida job creators and employees today.

Our Florida Chamber Sustainability Council Team

The Florida Chamber Sustainability Council understands the complexities of creating a sustainable workplace culture that is an essential element of social responsibility and powers the success of Florida businesses.

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